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Life insurance no medical

Life insurance protects an individiual incase of an accident or injury. As such life insurance companies often require an individual to undergo some kind of medical examination. With our service this can be avoided. You can take out a life insurance policy without any embarrasing questions. Using our quotation system our brokers will find you the cheapest no medical life insurance available. You can complete your purchase over the phone without ever having to see a doctor.

3 steps to obtaining life insurance

Term life insurance with no medical exam

Term life insurance with no medical covers the insured for a specific period. The duration of the insurance policies generally coincides with the length of a mortgage. You can take out decreasing term life insurance. With this type of policy your insurance premiums reduce as your mortgage reduces. Both term life inurance and term life insurance can be no medical life insurance. Generally if the insured is in good physical shape, doesn't smoke and works in a low risk job then it is possible to get term life insurance with no medical.

Where can you get life insurance with no medical

Whole ife insurance gaurantees covers the insureds family and lifestyle in the event of severe injury, critical illness or their passing. This type of insurance is can be classified as an investment. With a whole life insurance policy, no medical is a possibility, you are saving for your heirs to receive a lump sum or a diversified capital investment upon your passing. It can also become in-force if the insured suffers a loss of income through injury or illness. If a policy is protecting against injury or illness it can be harder to get life insurance with no medical exam.